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CVC-Annual Meeting 2023

Christophe Dubois (Aix Marseille University, FR)

Johannes Holfeld (MedUni Innsbruck, AT)

Lars Maegdefessel (TUM, DE)

Claudia Monaco (University of Oxford, UK)

Susanne Sattler (MedUni Graz, AT)

Martin Wilkins (Imperial College London, GB)


22nd of November (9-18 Uhr)

Van Swieten Hall (Van Swieteng. 1a, 1090 Vienna)

The program will be announced soon. Registration is now open!


The scientific committee members invite you to submit a one-page proposal for the CVC-Collaborative Research Grants 2023.

The mission of the grants is to enhance scientific collaboration among basic scientists and/or clinicians with a prize money up to 5000 € each for use of the Core Facility.

Up to 5 awards will be given to applicants having the top-rated abstracts.

Applicants have to be full and/or associate members of the cluster, and applications have to contain a topic that is shared by one clinical and one basic science group within the CVC (from two different departments or institutes).

Please, submit a one-page proposal (template enclosed) until 31st of July, 2023 by email to

Helga Badelt-Lichtblau.

The CVC Steering Committee will rate the proposals. The results will be announced until the end of July. The awardee has to agree to participate in the CVC-Annual Meeting on 22nd of November, 2023.


Call for Abstracts:

In order to further encourage young scientists to contribute to this meeting, all members are invited to SUBMIT ABSTRACTS, describing their original research in line with the meeting theme.

Following review by the steering committee, authors will be informed, if accepted,

whether it will be orally presented or presented as a poster.

• Proposals should be submitted as abstracts in accordance with the template.

Submission has to be sent to Helga Badelt-Lichtblau by 1st of November 2023 at the latest!